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Alums and Reunions

Dear Mercy Women,

     Mercy High School, San Francisco has more than 11,000 graduates across the country and around the world, and each alumna is an important member of the Mercy Skipper family. While Mercy has closed as a school, reunions, events, and networking opportunities will not end! Let's work together to keep Mercy's legacy alive and remembered for many years to come. 


     All individual class reunions are posted on the this Be sure to let the alumnae association know when your class begins making its plans so we can publicize it here on our Reunions page.  While the pandemic did slow us down, things are really beginning to pick up as individual classes begin to schedule and hold reunions. Mercy girls will not be deterred!

     Custfomarily, classes hold reunions every five years.  Think about it volunteering to be a coordinator, a class rep, or a volunteer by contacting the Mercy San Francisco Alumnae Office.
Alumnae Office Email

Class of 1956:  Anne Marra Doran

Class of 1958:  Kathleen McDonnell Farrell and Frances Shanley Ferry

Class of 1959:  Andrea Thuesen Ibarra

Class of 1960Joy Boito Walsh, Kathy Griffin Drucker

Class of 1961:  Julie Shasky Ames, Linda Frei Phelan, Nancy Kelly Kelly

Class of 1963Eileen Pazmino RSM

Class of 1964Charlotte Watson Kiesel and Joanne Hicks McGlothlin

Class of 1965Carolyn Krohn RSM

Class of 1966Nancy Dito

Class of 1968Lynne Carberry and Arlene Ahtty McCarthy

Class of 1969Lorraine Gresh Dekker and Frances Guassardo Veal

Class of 1970:  Mary da Silva Abinante

Class of 1972:  Ursula Durkin Perott, Aileen Collins Bordin, Lynne Shubunka, Margie Favro, Maureen Alberti Rawlings, Maureen Mylett ToMichele Marchand, Nancy Cecchetti Sebastiani, Sue Drakulich O'Toole

Class of 1973: Judi Arbini

Class of 1975:  Contact Lorraine Fogarty

Class of 1976:  Contact Christine Powis Emerson or Desiree Amaral Bisconer

Class of 1977: Reunion in November 2022

Class of 1978: Debra Cesena

Class of 1980:  Contact Frances Kangoony Spijker

Class of 1982:  Contact Caroline Ocampo, Joanne Hayes White, or Eva Woo Slavitt

Class of 1983:  Your 40th reunion, to be held in the Dance Studio at Mercy, is scheduled for October 21st! Contact Yvonne Walters or Marguerite Sanders Carmichael.

Class of 1985:  Contact Revel Garcia Wolf

Class of 1990:  Contact Nancy Casco

Class of 2010:  Contact Sabrina Cezar

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