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Class Reps and Reunions

Dear Mercy Women,

We have had a number of inquiries at the Mercy Alumnae Association office about an upcoming March 10 event for alumnae. While we hope the event is successful, we also want to clarify that it is not sponsored by the Mercy Alumnae Association and that the event's “residual funds” are being donated to a non-Mercy organization. Just wanted to let you know! (All individual class reunions are posted on the website—be sure to let us know when your class begins making its plans so we can publicize it here on our Reunions page.)


Due to the pandemic, it has been difficult for individual classes to hold reunions safely, but Mercy girls have not been deterred from creatively planning reunions for the future.

Customarily, classes hold reunions every five years.  Listed below are class representatives and reunion coordinators with openings for more volunteers--Think about it!  Volunteer to be a coordinator by contacting the Mercy San Francisco Alumnae Office.
Want to help on a reunion committee? Contact your rep!
Mercy SF Alumnae Office
238 Russell Hall, 2300 Adeline Drive, Burlingame, CA 94010
Alumnae Office Email

Class of 1956:  Anne Marra Doran

Class of 1958:  Kathleen McDonnell Farrell and Frances Shanley Ferry

Class of 1959Andrea Thuesen Ibarra

Class of 1960Joy Boito Walsh, Kathy Griffin Drucker

Class of 1963Eileen Pazmino RSM

Class of 1964Charlotte Watson Kiesel and Joanne Hicks McGlothlin

Class of 1965Carolyn Krohn RSM

Class of 1966Nancy Dito

Class of 1968Lynne Carberry and Arlene Ahtty McCarthy

Class of 1969Lorraine Gresh Dekker and Frances Guassardo Veal

Class of 1972:  50th Reunion in Sonoma, November 2022. Contact Ursula Durkin PerottAileen Collins Bordin, Lynne Shubunka, Margie Favro, Maureen Alberti Rawlings, Maureen Mylett Torres,

Michele Marchand, Nancy Cecchetti Sebastiani, Sue Drakulich O”Toole

Class of 1973: 50th Reunion, October 29, 2023, at Basque Cultural Center, South San Francisco. Contact Judi Arbini

Class of 1975:  Contact Lorraine Fogarty

Class of 1976:  Contact Christine Powis Emerson or Desiree Amaral Bisconer

Class of 1980:  Contact Frances Kangoony Spijker

Class of 1982: Saturday, Dec. 3, 2022, 11 a.m.-2 p.m. at the Kohl Mansion Burlingame. Contact Caroline Ocampo, Joanne Hayes White, or Eva Woo Slavitt

Class of 1983:  Planning has begun for your 40th reunion! Contact Yvonne Walters 

Class of 1985:  Contact Revel Garcia Wolf

Class of 1990:  Contact Nancy Casco

Class of 2010:  Contact Sabrina Cezar

Class of 1961: 60th Reunion (plus 2!)

Organized by Linda Frei Phelan, Julianne Shasky Ames and Nancy Kelly Kelly, the Class of '61 held their reunion and invited a special guest, Sister Mary Lois (in white jacket below), to join them at the Basque Cultural Center. They had a great time and discovered that a group from Presentation was also "reunion-ing" on the premises!

Class of '61.jpg
Class of 70 2022.jpeg

Class of '70 Seekers Reunion
Sept. 10, 2022

The Seekers celebrated their 50th+2 Reunion at the Harding Park Golf Club and all reports are that they had a great time, led by organizers Mary da Silva Abinante, Mary Ann Hurley Provence, and Christine Dahl Nowowiecki.

Class Reunions 2019-2020

Class of 1959 - 60th Reunion

The Class of 1959 (pictured above) celebrated their 60th reunion on September 25, 2019, at Original Joe’s Westlake. More than 40 alumnae gathered to celebrate this milestone!  The Class of ‘59 brought in a $400 donation to Mercy’s Annual Fund!

Download the photo


Class of 1964 - 55th Reunion


About 30 members from the Class of 1964 (pictured above) gathered in the M Lounge at Mercy High School on October 2, 2019, to celebrate their 55th reunion!  $500 has been donated to Mercy from the Class of ‘64!

Download the Photo


​Class of 1969 - 50th Reunion​


The Class of 1969 (pictured above) celebrated their 50th Golden Diploma reunion on October 5, 2019, at Mercy High School in Rist Hall. Over 70 classmates reunited to celebrate this special milestone!  The Class of ‘69 rallied to donated more than $2000 to the Class of 1969 Peter Patrick Madigan Antonini Scholarship!

​​Download the Photo

Class of 1974 - 45th Reunion




About 50 members from the Class of 1974 (some pictured above) gathered at the Park Chalet on September 28, 2019, to share memories and laughs as they celebrated their 45th reunion.  Class members have been very communicative with Mercy’s alumnae office since their reunion!​

Download the Photo


Class of 1979 - 40th Reunion



More than 40 classmates from the Class of 1979 gathered at the Petaluma Women’s Club on October 13, 2019, to celebrate their 40th reunion. Celebrations included a raffle that raised more than $1500 for Mercy!

​Download the Photo


Class of 1989 - 30th Reunion


The Class of 1989 celebrated its 30th reunion on an all-alumnae coastal cruise in January 2020 which was organized by CruiseOne franchise owner Alexandra Millard Ghiozzi '89.

For 5 days these Skippers sailed on the Pacific Ocean sharing laughs and stories of their years at Mercy. Mercy grads from other years were also invited to book through CruiseOne to enjoy a cocktail party and a Mercy/San Francisco trivia event, with a portion of the proceeds donated to Mercy. 

​The combined donations from cabin bookings and Alex’s contribution brought in $2,000 for Mercy which was matched by December 31 for a total of $4,000. Thank you to the 
Class of 1989 and all additional supporters! 

Download the Photos: 
1 | 2

Class of 1999 - 20th Reunion





The Class of 1999 celebrated their 20th reunion on January 11, 2020, in Mercy’s M Lounge.  Despite just learning of Mercy’s planned closure, all in attendance managed to put their sorrows aside and celebrated their love of Mercy (and the 49ers) together. 

Download the Photo


​Class of 2009 - 10th Reunion




​Nearly 20 members from the Class of 2009 gathered at Mercy on December 21, 2019, to celebrate their 10th reunion. Stories, laughs, and new memories were shared by all as the class walked down memory lane on a fun campus tour.

Download the Photo


Share Your Reunion

Did you take pictures or video from a reunion or a get-together with classmates?
​We'd love for you to share them by emailing Sister Carolyn

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