In Remembrance

We hold all the deceased members of our Mercy family and friends in our hearts and prayer and look forward to our reunion with them in heaven....


(Please send any updates to Sr. Carolyn



Patricia (Pat) Murphy Cala '56

Janet McNab Scopesi '56

Elizabeth (Liz) Sweeney Hopper '57   Mother of Lisa Hopper Ferrigno '79, Melissa Hopper Kraal '82, Mary Hopper '84 RIP, Michele Hopper Parsons '85, and Angela Hopper '88; grandmother of Theresa

Tina Chriss Wertz '66

Elizabeth "Liz" Clifford Watson '66   Sister of Sr. Mary Ann Clifford '63

Ellen Theresa Mulkeen '68

Maria Elena Martinez '80

Marie Ann Newhoff Murphy '85

Sister Marguerite Buchanan RSM (pioneer teacher, principal, fundraiser, faculty)


Patricia Deruelle Miller '57

Mary Maney Parish '60   Sister of Barbara Maney Gasparini '64 and Alice Maney Ames '66 RIP

Francine Dubonnett Douglass '61

Suzanne La Rocco Scheppler '61   Sister of Paula La Rocco Baum '63

Maureen Regan Williams '61

Alice Boland Asturias  Mother of Mary Asturias '62, Esther Asturias Croft '65, Patricia Asturias '66, Christina Asturias Durandetto '68, Lisa Asturias '69, Louise Asturias Stephens '70, Anita Asturias '72, Teresa Asturias Rechsteiner '75 and Carla Asturias '77.

Norene Cronin Schillaci '62   Sister of Patricia Cronin Farber '60 RIP and Sheila Cronin Marko '66

Therese Marie (Terry) Hagan Kensic '65   Sister of Rosemary Hagan Carlson '78, Catherine Hagan Jelenic '80 and Mary Frances Hagan Tappan '85; mother of Joy Kensic '07

Penny Jordacera Miller '65   Sister of Dolores Jordacera O'Keefe-Rowell '56 and Barbara Jordacera Spolter '61

Joan Keane '65   Sister of Marilyn Keane Schuyler '66, Nancy Keane Triplett '67 and Florence Keane Walsh '73

Mary Grace Lyons '65

Virginia (Ginny) Kennedy Ryan '67   Sister of Patricia Kennedy Shanahan '66

Angela Maestri Calabrese '67   Sister of Christine Maestri Huttinger '69

Kathleen Luhman '68   

Linda Flaherty-Combs '70   Sister of Christine Flaherty '68

Claire Paolini '70  Sister of Adrienne Paolini '74 and Bernadette Paolini '74

Marlene Callejas '75   Mother of Michele Callejas-Karajas '10

Kathleen (Katie) Kennedy Shinn '77   Sister of Mary Kennedy '71 and Eileen Kennedy '74

Elisa (Lili) Barbagelata Swenson '78   Sister of Anna Barbagelata-Arata '76 and Marina Barbagelata Woods '79; sister-in-law of Marina Alphonso Barbagelata '87

Helen Mary Hyland McCormack '82   Sister of Una McCormack Boyd '85

Noreen Elizabeth Murphy '82   Sister of Sheila Murphy '82 and Eileen Murphy

Angela Donohue '87

Catherine Rossman


Sister Barbara Moran RSM, formerly Sister Mary Christine (faculty)

Sister Mary Estelle Small RSM (faculty)


Suzanne Fitzgerald McGettigan '57   Sister of Geraldine Fitzgerald '63

Mary Jane Flynn Hamblin '60   Sister of Anita Flynn Romero '63 and Nancy Flynn Willoughby '64 (RIP)

Susan Ward Terry '61

Janice Zamlich Erickson '61  Sister of Judith (Judi) Maxwell '58

Connie Hornick Cozzolino '62   Sister of Darlene Hornick Ferro '63

Teresa Rendon Walsh '63

Sister Kathleen (Patricia) Kearney RSM '64   Sister-in-law of Donna Horgan Kearney '69

Susan Baumer Jardine '73


Timothe Dowdall Addelsee '61



Barbara Bensen Brennan '61



Mercy lives on forever....