Mercy High School

1952 - 2020

After sixty-eight years and sixty-five commencement ceremonies, sadly, we must now close our doors.  Despite the loss of this beautiful campus, it is paramount that we always remember that the legacy of Mercy transcends place and will continue to live on through the lives of our more than 11,000 Mercy High School alumnae. 

We salute the hard work and dedication of the Sisters of Mercy, the hundreds of faculty and staff members, the parents who entrusted and partnered with us, and most especially all the Mercy Girls of all the classes who by their presence and dedication have grown into Women of Mercy of whom we are all so proud. 

And so we go now, inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, and the inspiring words of Catherine McAuley, to continue our work toward Mercy’s mission of going forth to pursue lives of spiritual and intellectual depth, determination, and daring action to improve our world.​

Mercy lives on forever...