Mercy High School

San Francisco


May 26, 2021

It is with some sadness that we announce that this afternoon Sister Marguerite Buchanan passed from this world after 70 years as a Sister of Mercy. One of the pioneer sisters at Mercy, she served in many roles as teacher, principal, and fundraiser and, most importantly, carried the light of faith to many of us as a member of our Mercy High School community. We celebrate her entrance into the new life of the communion of saints and trust she and all our departed will continue to guide us to our fullness in heaven. We recall her words: "Each of us, in our own way, struggle to live in God. Ask for the grace to be a helpful presence to those who need your special support."

For more on this remarkable woman of Mercy and details on her funeral arrangements, click on the following link:

April 2021

Here's the scoop! The Institute of the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Education System (MESA), and Mercy High School's Board of Trustees have all moved forward in approving the sale of Mercy's campus to the Chinese American International School. All have signed a purchase and sales agreement. 

Some steps remain to finalize the process, including obtaining the approval of both the California Attorney General and Church authorities (required by Canon Law).

Those directly involved in reaching this point seem to be quite pleased with the future outcome and are delighted that Mercy's campus will remain dedicated to education as a school.

You may find it of interest to visit the CAIS website:

March 2021 Update  

What will happen to Mercy's campus? Currently, under the direction of Mercy's Board of Trustees and the Sisters of Mercy, the school will be sold. The Board is taking great care to ensure that in the future, the campus mission will continue in the tradition of the Sisters. More information will be posted as stay tuned!

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After sixty-eight years, Mercy's doors have closed.  We celebrate the legacy of Mercy which will continue to live on through the lives of our more than 11,000 Mercy High School alumnae. 

We salute the hard work and dedication of the Sisters of Mercy, the hundreds of faculty and staff members, the parents who partnered with us, and, most especially, all the Mercy Girls who by their presence and dedication have grown into Women of Mercy of whom we are all so proud. We are especially grateful for all those whose final days at Mercy were deeply affected by the pandemic and its impact on our final time together. 

And so we move forward, inspired by the Gospel of Jesus, and the inspiring words of Catherine McAuley, to continue our work toward Mercy’s mission of going forth to pursue lives of spiritual and intellectual depth, determination, and daring action to improve our world.​

Mercy lives on forever...